Whirlpool 245 Litre 3 Star NEO DF258 ROY ILLUSIA STEEL Double Door Refrigerator
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This season go green and bring home the Whirlpool DF258 Roy 3S illusia steel refrigerator. It has a fine and robust stainless steel exterior and will keep all the items stored in it cool and fresh. There is a fine ergonomic handle that is convenient to use. The glossy finish of the model gives it a classy look. The interior of this Whirlpool refrigerator is spacious enough so that you do not have to over stuff it with containers and other items. Furthermore, it also has stabilizer-free operation and efficient cooling technology that makes it a smart pick. Are you planning to bring home a new refrigerator that will help you actively in preserving different kinds of food and beverages for a longer time period. Moreover, it comes with special compartments like the fresh flow air tower with Active Deo, vegetable crisper, dairy fresh, along with two toughened glass shelves that offer ample space to store a variety of food items in an organised and convenient manner.The Whirlpool DF258 ROY 3S 245 Litres Refrigerator provides a uniform circular motion of cool air and keeps food and beverages fresh and nutritious for much longer. Moreover, the chilling gel helps it to store cool air that is of great use during sudden power cuts. It also has the Active Deo technology that prevents any type of odour from developing within the refrigerator.The refrigerator is not only effective in its cooling action and freshness preservation, but also energy-efficient. As it comes with a 3 Star energy rating, it does not bring high-end electricity bills as it consumes lesser power. Installation is not provided by brand for this product as it is a plug and use product. For any queries, please reach out to us on our Toll Free Number: 1800-3000-9027.

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