Motorola Verve Buds 500 True Wireless Earbuds with Alexa
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Secure Fit Verve Buds’ intelligently designed shape and high-quality pads ensure the earpieces do not slide out and remain comfortable for long hours of use. Rich Stereo Verve 500 is engineered to deliver robust HD stereo sound. Enjoy the right amount of bass and treble that brings clarity to every note. Dual-Mic Noise Reduction Tune in to calls and music in any environment, on the go with our state-of-the-art, dual-mic noise reduction technology. Get the right balance of ambient sound while experience high quality sound no matter where you are. Mono and Dual Mode Each earbuds is entirely self-contained of the many functions they perform. The Verve Buds 500 includes a W1 chip that allows you to control audio or use the mic on only one or both Verve Buds. No matter which side you pick, the controls seamlessly switch between each side. Upto 9 Hour Battery Back-up To ensure that you truly get an ‘on the go’ experience, Verve Buds 500 comes with a combined back-up of upto 9 hours. The magnetic case acts as a charging port that automatically charges your earbuds, every time you place them inside. Features: Bluetooth 5.0 Technology Play time: 3hrs ( additional 6hrs with charging case) 2 x 45 mAh rechargeable battery (250mAh on charging case) Use either bud as a mono Bluetooth headset Built-in mic for calls Alexa, SIRI and Google Compatible

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